Custom Training Solutions for Organizations With Multiple Boards, Commissions and Councils

25 to 250+ Boards - Unlock Effective Governance at Any Scale

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Custom Solutions

We analyze your training needs and create a program that works for you.

Proven Effective

The leading instructors in the field and 20+ years of board training experience.


Blended learning tools and the most advanced LMS technologies.


Packages and a la carte options to meet any organization's budget.

The Problem:

Most organizations with many boards experience the same struggles:

  • Board members with little or no experience of being on a formal board. 
  • Poor member retention and frequent turnover.
  • Board members and chairpersons with little or no experience with Robert's Rules of Order.
  • Internal support staff don't have the right tools to support the boards they serve.
  • A lack of training continuity across the organization.
  • Training large numbers of people can be prohibitively expensive.

The Solution:

A flexible, effective and affordable custom board training program :

  • 20+ years experience training board members and chairpersons.
  • The #1 Robert's Rules training course in North America.
  • Blended learning solutions that take advantage of the latest LMS technologies.
  • The most established experts in the board training industry. 
  • 360 degree training for board members, board chairs and support staff.
  • A variety of options to meet every training need and budget.

Who We Work With:

We have developed and implemented custom training solutions for organizations such as:

The State of Montana's 160+ boards and commissions
The District of Columbia's 300+ boards and commissions
The City of Los Angeles' 99 Neighborhood Council boards
Thousands of 4-H members and staff nationwide

What People Are Saying:

Susan Leahy does a terrific job simplifying Robert’s Rules and her course is the best resource I've come across. I think it's a fantastic resource. I recommend you purchase access for your group.

Ron Paul

Congressman and Presidential Candidate

At our last council meeting we were actually way ahead of time because we have become more efficient, so it is quite amazing how clear and effective this training makes one become, so thank-you!

Debbi Lester

Mayor - Bainbridge Island, WA

Robert's Rules Made Simple is a must-have. I recommend it to every board that I work with. Susan has a one-of-a-kind way of making it easy and fun to learn Robert's Rules of Order.

W.H. "Butch" Oxendine Jr.

American Student Government Association

Key Benefits of Our Programs:

1- Custom Training Programs

We analyze your board training and development needs and develop a custom training solution that works for you. 

2- Expert Instructors

We work with the most established and respected names in board development. All of our instructors are the leaders in their fields.

3- A Comprehensive Curriculum

We offer trainings on: Robert's Rules of Order; how to chair a meeting; meeting minutes; bylaws and constitutions; board governance, healthy board dynamics and more.

4- Scalable Solutions

We use the latest LMS (learning management solution) technologies to deliver blended learning programs that are both engaging and scalable to audiences of any size.

5- Effective and Affordable

We have been training boards for 20+ years and our courses are tested, proven effective and priced to fit into any government's budget.

6- Ongoing Learner Engagement

We know that board education is a process and we engage and interact with learners throughout their entire board term with ongoing learning activities.

7- Measurable Results

We use interactive Q&As to reinforce learning, and analyze statistics to ensure that board members are progressing and improving.

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