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The Robert's Rules Made Simple - Individual Training Program

Used by over 10,000 boards

Learn the fundamentals of Robert's Rules in 1 hour

Master the 7 Fundamental Motions

Entertaining, video based course

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This is a familiar situation for many board members...chances are, you resonate with it...

You’re in a board meeting, and there are a few people who “run the show.” They know all the terminology and exude confidence then they speak. It seems as if they are speaking a “language” that you just don't understand.

And so, you are left feeling nervous, insecure and hesitant to participate.

What do these meeting overachievers know that you don’t?

Well, they’ve likely learned the framework of Robert’s Rules of Order, a book written in 1876, that contains the rules used by most boards to hold effective, and productive meetings.

You would like to "speak" Robert's Rules of Order too, but there’s just one issue...the book is boring, dry, and far too complicated for the average board member to digest.
Robert's Rules of Order
12th Edition (816 pages)


Don't despair!

That’s why we created THE ROBERT'S RULES MADE SIMPLE - INDIVIDUAL TRAINING PROGRAM. A quick, effective, and easy to follow video course that teaches everything you need to know in order to participate in formal board meetings.

The course focuses on the 7 FUNDAMENTAL MOTIONS that all board members should know. By boiling the 800+ page book down to just the 7 FUNDAMENTAL MOTIONS - taught in short video segments - with entertaining meeting re-enactments, anyone can learn how to speak the language of meetings in no time.

This course is proven to work, and in fact over 10,000 boards are using this exact course to run better, more effective meetings!

It's no accident this is the #1 Robert's Rules training program in North America. After all, we've been teaching Robert's Rules of Order for over 20 years and the success of this course is right in the name - we make Robert's Rules "simple"!

So, get started today, and in just 1 hour, you can unlock your meeting potential and and start participating with confidence in your meetings.

Welcome to Robert's Rules Made Simple!
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Scene from meeting re-enactment

What you will learn:

Main motion
Amend the amendment
Refer to a committee
Postpone to a certain time
Lay on the table
Previous question
Voting procedures
Debating protocols
And much more!

What people are saying about this course...

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"Susan Leahy does a terrific job simplifying Robert’s Rules and her course is the best resource I've come across. I think it's a fantastic resource. I recommend you purchase access for your group."
Ron Paul
-Congressman and Presidential Candidate
"At our last council meeting we were actually way ahead of time because we have become more efficient, so it is quite amazing how clear and effective this training makes one become, so thank-you!"
Debbi Lester
-Mayor, Bainbridge Island WA
"Susan Leahy is this vibrant being that has an amazing capacity to take something that is intimidating and complex and really simplify it so you can learn easily."
Liora Mendeloff
-President, Women's Speakers Association


The #1 course in North America


Helping board members since 2004


Used by over 10,000 boards

Motions | Voting | Debating | Proven Effective

The quick and easy way to learn Robert's Rules of Order

Enroll today and feel more confident in your next meeting!

Who this course is for:

Board members from...

Homeowner's associations
Professional associations
Real estate associations
Student boards
Greek organizations
Boards of directors
City and state governments
Scene from meeting re-enactment


Did you know we also have a course especially for board and committee chairs?

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Meet the Instructor:

The Robert's Rules Made Simple - Individual Training Program

Susan Leahy MA.CSP

Creator - Robert's Rules Made Simple
Susan Leahy is the creator of Robert's Rules Made Simple. She has been teaching Robert’s Rules to boards for over 20 years and she has the unique ability to make this complicated material SIMPLE & FUN!
Susan's courses are used by over 10,000 boards across North America to run better, more effective meetings.

Course Sections:

Let's get started!

The proven course used by over 10,000 boards.

Choose the version that's right for you...

The Robert's Rules Made Simple Core Course

Our Core course used by over 10,000 boards. Improve your skills in as little as 1 hour!
  • Proven effective - the #1 Robert's Rules course in North America.
  • Divided into 10 powerful video modules.
  • Includes interactive Q&A to aid in learning and retention.

Robert's Rules Made Simple QuickStart Course

The Core course PLUS the QuickStart Webinars.
  • Designed to get you up and running fast.
  • Includes 2 x 1 hour webinars with Susan Leahy MA.CSP.
  • Our most complete course for board members.

What are the QuickStart Webinars?

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