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This course is for both board members who are new to Robert's Rules of Order, and for experienced board members who would like to tune up their meeting skills. It is important that all board members have a command of the basics of Robert's Rules of Order in order to be able to participate effectively in meetings.
This course teaches the basics of Robert's Rules of Order, focusing on the 7 FUNDAMENTAL MOTIONS (1- main motion, 2- amendment, 3- amend the amendment, 4- refer to a committee, 5- postpone to a certain time, 6- lay on the table, 7- previous question).
The core content of this course can be completed in 60-90 minutes, but in order to get the most out of this course we recommend:
  • That you break the course up into multiple sittings. 
  • That you watch the videos multiple times.
  • Not to expect to be perfect all at once.

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Meet the Instructor

Susan Leahy MA.CSP

Creator - Robert's Rules Made Simple
Susan Leahy is the creator of Robert's Rules Made Simple. She has been teaching Robert’s Rules to boards for over 20 years and she has the unique ability to make this complicated material SIMPLE & FUN!
Susan's courses are used by over 10,000 boards across North America to run better, more effective meetings.