Susan Leahy

Meeting Minutes Do's and Don'ts

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What's supposed to go in the minutes anyhow? 
Meeting minutes are a frequent source of confusion and frustration for recording secretaries, but they don't have to be!
In this video we go over a few important minutes "Do's and Don'ts"!
And, as promised, here is the complete list of meeting minutes "Do's and Don'ts" for you...
1. DO use the agenda as a guide;
2. DO record the kind of meeting, date, time, and location;
3. DO record the presiding officer's and the minute taker's complete name;
4. DO record the presence of a quorum if announced by the presiding officer;
5. DO write the full name of the maker of every motion;
6. DO include the totals from the treasurer's report for previous balance, receipts,
disbursements, and current balance;
7. DO record the full names of officers and committee chairs who presented a
8. DO file complete signed reports of all written reports attached to the minutes as
9. DO enter motions and amendments in the exact wording as stated by the
presiding officer and as finally adopted;
10. DO show the exact action taken on every motion (e.g., adopted, defeated,
postponed, referred, laid on the table, etc.);
11. DO record all counted votes, for and against;
12. DO record all Notices, Points of Order, Appeals (including the reason for the
chair's ruling and the outcome of the appeal);
13. DO include the category of business;
14. DO list the names of members elected or appointed to special committees, the
name of each committee, and its purpose;
15. DO include important announcements pertaining to the whole society.
1. DON'T forget to check past minutes for agenda items;
2. DON'T include the names of the seconders;
3. DON'T include every detail from a report;
4. DON'T include any content of the debate unless ordered to do so;
5. DON'T include any motion withdrawn before the presiding officer stated it;
6. DON'T include personal opinions or descriptive phrases;
7. DON'T include words of praise or criticism from anyone;
8. DON'T forget to include the time of adjournment;
9. DON'T close with "Respectfully submitted,";
10. DON'T forget to date and sign the minutes with your title, adding whether the minutes were later adopted with or without corrections.
Happy meetings!