The one-of-a-kind course for chairs

Confident Chair Core Program

$641  -  $397
100% online version of the Chair a Meeting With Confidence Program - learn at your own pace.
  • Flexible and proven effective.

  • 9 video modules - 3 eBooks/audiobooks -script writing template - powerful one-of-a-kind resources - $497 value

  • Includes the Robert's Rules Made Simple Individual Training Program - #1 Robert's Rules course - $97 value

  • Includes the QuickStart Webinar series to speed up learning - $47 value

Confident Chair Core Program + Coaching

$1,966  -  $997
The Core Program PLUS live personal coaching with Susan Leahy and a custom meeting script.
  • Great for new and incoming chairs.

  • Includes everything from the Core Program package - $641 value

  • Includes an assessment survey and agenda review - $250 value

  • Includes 1 x 60 minute personal coaching session with Susan Leahy - $650 value

  • Includes a customized meeting script based on your organization's meeting agenda - $425 value

Chair + Board Total Training Solution

$5,963  -  $2,997
Core Program, personal coaching, meeting script PLUS a live webinar with Susan Leahy and a Board License for your full board.
  • Our most complete package. A total board training solution.

  • Includes everything from the Core Program + Coaching package - $1,966 value 

  • Includes a 60-90 minute, live webinar training for your full board with Susan Leahy
    - $3,500 value

  • Includes online access to the Robert's Rules Made Simple Individual Training Program for up to 25 board members (Board License) - $497 value

“Susan, I learned more from your program than I did from a 4-day course that cost me $6,500. This week I had to chair my first ever board meeting that was attended by industry experts and the federal government, and it went great!"

Lyndsay Douglas
National association chair