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Video: Why Learning Robert's Rules Gives Young People a Professional Advantage

Did you know that learning Robert’s Rules of Order can be a huge boost to your professional career? If you are a student or are just beginning your professional life, one thing that you can count on is that you are going to be sitting in meetings, probably a lot of meetings!

According to studies, the average working professional spends 38 hours per month in meetings and over half that time is wasted! If you are a young professional who wants to get stand out and be respected, then getting good at running and participating in meetings is essential! Having an understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order will go a long way towards building confidence and earning you respect.

The boardroom where the business happens and if you can't participate in the boardroom then you are missing out, and you are limiting your professional potential! Professional speaker and creator of Robert’s Rules Made Simple, Susan Leahy MA, has experienced first hand the benefit of knowing how to use Robert’s Rules of Order to run great meetings. She started using Robert’s Rules when she was just 13 years old as a member of FFA (Future Farmers of America). Back then Susan had no idea why she was learning Robert’s but looking back she now sees how it was an essential tool that gave her confidence to speak up during any meeting, and which ultimately helped her get elected multiple times.

Meetings are a way of life, and if you can learn the language of meetings you will be able to command a room, be more efficient and impress the people you work with. Once you understand Robert’s Rules formally you can use it informally to run any meeting! Robert’s Rules of Order is an amazing communication and team building tool.

In this video Susan talks to Brandon Walters, the chair of the NAP (National Association of Parliamentarians) Youth Committee all about how learning Robert’s Rules of Order gives young people a leg up. Check out this great video, ten years from you will be glad you did!

Happy Meetings!
Susan Leahy MA (a loving, powerful,committed woman)


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