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Robert's Rules Made Simple-Level 1 Webinar

Need to learn Robert’s Rules of Order in a hurry? Well, welcome to a special, accelerated version of our ROBERT'S RULES MADE SIMPLE-LEVEL 1 Webinar.

This special recorded class is being offered to you FREE of charge! In just 30 minutes Susan will teach you how to use the 3 most important and most used motions in Robert’s Rules of Order.

In her classes, Susan treats Robert’s Rules of Order as a team building tool. Because, when everyone on your board understands the basics of Robert’s Rules you will have a safe space where the voices of the majority and the voices of the minority can sit respectfully around the same table and be heard!

What we are talking about here is more than just a Robert’s Rules of Order training, this is board development. So, if your board is struggling, if people are bumping heads, and your meetings are paying the price, then Susan’s Robert’s Rules Made Simple Webinar can help!

No one teaches Robert's Rules of Order like Susan Leahy! Her live, interactive video webinars range from 60-90 minutes in length and leave board members with a level of energy and excitement that didn’t exist before the training.

Here is a quote from a recent Webinar customer:


That was incredible! Thank you very much as it was much needed. Our city advisor was present observing everything and afterword she told me she never knew Robert's Rules could be fun!

We will practice for awhile, me especially, and will be in touch again to do another one of these if that is ok.  

Again, thank you. You are very good at what you do and made an incredibly hard process one step easier for us all!

Jennifer Chamberlain
FEA Commission - City of Columbus, OH

For more information about our live, interactive Robert’s Rules of Order Webinars CLICK HERE.

Happy Meetings!
Susan Leahy MA (a loving, powerful,committed woman)

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