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Looking beyond Robert’s Rules of Order, having well run meetings can be an organization’s best recruitment and retention tool. If the members of your board feel supported, included, appreciated and productive after your meetings, then chances are they will want to come back. Too often however, this is not the case, and new board members struggle and find themselves frustrated in their newly elected/appointed positions.

Most boards do very little to support new board members and while people walk into their term with a lot of energy it can be like an initiation by fire and many board members will burn out before they are really able to even make a difference.

The lack of training resources, the lack of a collective board vision, and competing personalities and agendas divide the very board members who should be interacting as a team.

One of the greatest TEAM building tools that an organization can equip their members with is Robert’s Rules of Order. Robert’s Rules is one of the greatest TEAM building tools available as it inspires communication and productivity.

In this video Susan Leahy MA, professional speaker and creator of Robert’s Rules Made Simple, interviews NAP President, Ann Guiberson, all about how to set your new board members up for success so that they are able to hit the ground running and enjoy their experience on the board.

Don’t lose motivated members because you haven’t set them up for success, because how you retain and recruit your members is crucial to the long term success of your organization or association.

Happy meetings!
Susan Leahy MA (a loving, powerful,committed woman)

This video was co-produced by Robert's Rules Made Simple and the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP).

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