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VIDEO: Mastering the 3 Most Important Motions

Many boards struggle with the basics of Robert’s Rules of Order.  To set your board members up for success start by teaching your members how to master the 3 MOST IMPORTANT MOTIONS used during most meetings, namely: the "main motion"; “amendments"; and "amend the amendment".

Robert’s Rules of Order is a complicated book and in order to gain any level of mastery you have to start with the basics. In this video, professional speaker and creator of Robert’s Rules Made Simple, Susan Leahy MA, gives quick tips on mastering the "3 most important motions used in meetings". These 3 motions are the most used and also the most misused.

If you can get every member of your board comfortable with how to make and then vote on each of these motions they you will exponentially increase your boards effectiveness.  

1-The MAIN MOTION: the main motion focuses the board on one main item of business
2-AMENDMENTS: the amendment allows you to add something to, or subtract something from the main motion
3-AMEND THE AMENDMENT: amending the amendment allows you to add something to, or subtract something from the amendment
Having everyone on your board master these three motions is essential to getting your board working as a team!

Robert’s Rules of Order really can be simple!

Happy meetings!
Susan Leahy MA (a loving, powerful,committed woman)

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