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Many organizations struggle not only with Robert’s Rules of Order, they also let their meeting minutes become a source of stress. Well, the truth is that meeting minutes really can be easy!

The purpose of your minutes are to simply summarize what happened in the meeting in order to create a historical document that can be used in years to come. Many times people put too much information into the minutes making them difficult to understand. Running meetings with Robert’s Rules is tricky enough, you don’t need to make things any more complicated by trying to document everything that happened in your meeting word for word. All that really needs to be recorded are the decisions about key business items and action items.

In this eye opening video, Susan Leahy MA, professional speaker and the creator of Robert’s Rules Made Simple, talks to Rhonda Scharf of On the Right Track Training and Consulting all about how to make your meeting minutes easy. Take the pain out of minutes and make your job a bit easier!

Happy meetings!
Susan Leahy MA (a loving, powerful,committed woman)

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