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In a meeting run using Robert’s Rules of Order, the chair is the person who has the single biggest impact on the failure or success of that meeting. Therefore, knowing how to handle difficult meeting behaviors will save you from embarrassment and will earn you respect when you are able to keep the meeting moving forward in a productive manner.

Many chairs feel uncomfortable or intimidated when they encounter difficult meeting behaviors. One of the most popular questions that chairs ask us here at Robert’s Rules Made Simple is: WHAT DO I SAY WHEN…?

Some examples of bad meeting behaviors chairs need help correcting are:

•When people talk out of turn
•When board members make personal attacks
•When meeting participants are texting or not paying attention
•When the same people keep talking time after time
•When people leave early or arrive late
•The list goes on and on...

In this video, especially for chairs, Susan Leahy MA, professional speaker and the creator of Robert’s Rules Made Simple, teaches you how to make powerful direct and indirect interventions to handle difficult meeting situations. An intervention will support you in correcting bad behavior without crushing the individual, because it is essential to handle these poor meeting behaviors in a way that invites the members back into the meeting and into the process.

Robert’s Rules of Order provides chairs with the proper process for running meetings but that is just half the battle. Great chairs need to learn how to manage the "people side" of meetings as well. So if you are a chair looking to make your meetings more effective then take take a moment to watch this video!

Happy meetings!
Susan Leahy MA (a loving, powerful,committed woman)

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