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See What Happens When Communication Breaks Down!

Thursday, October 11, 2012 - Susan Leahy

Communication is the key to any successful board.  This is a very recent and very sad example of the extremes that people will go to when communication breaks down.  This link shares video from a physical dispute (yes physical) between the Mayor of the City of Levelland and the City Inspector.  Please notice that in the background you can hear the two men debating inspection codes.  There is obviously a huge breakdown in communication.  People are frustrated and no one is really listening...and then things get physical.

I have to admit that when I watch these types of videos and hear of this type of story my first reaction is to laugh (I don't think I am alone in this reaction.  But my laughter is just a natural reaction and it is the reaction that keep this type of story front and center on the news) But I am aware enough to know that underneath my laughter I am feeling uncomfortable, sad and embarrased for the people that I am watching.

This video shows that there has been a HUGE breakdown in communication. 

When things get this out of hand organizations do exactly what the City of Levelland did. They reached out to Robert's Rules Made Simple looking for some help. While I am excited to have them as a new customer, I want those who are reading this blog to catch the bigger meaning.  DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT GETS THIS BAD TO EDUCATE YOUR BOARD MEMBERS!

After a conversation with a member of the Levelland City Council today I was informed that their council meetings have been contengious and unproductive since May.  Frustrations have been increasing and communication breakdowns have been getting bigger.

To avoid communication breakdowns and unproductive is key! What few people realize (and also why I am so passionate about Robert's) is that Robert's Rules of Order is one of the best communication tools that a city government, state, government, board of directors, non-profit, home owners associations or professional organization have at their disposal.  Robert's Rules of Order is a TEAM building tool. 

I wish the City of Levelland luck but they have a very big hill to climb. 

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