Premier Parli Pro Training Pack $275.00

The Premier Training Pack is a great value for smaller boards who desire to learn how to run more effective meetings.

*Better Value!
*Includes 1 FREE half-hour phone training consultation with Susan Leahy
A $550.00 value for only $275.00


Premier Parli Pro Training Pack

Premier Parli Pro Training Pack

Increase the effectiveness of your meetings, teach your board members Parliamentary Procedure and get work done. The Premier Training Pack is being used by boards across the country. It provides an easy and entertaining way to teach board members Parliamentary Procedure.

The Premier Training Pack comes with a full money back guarantee.

The Premier Training Pack includes:

Parliamentary Procedure Instructional DVDs

Watch and learn from this powerful instructional DVD as Susan reviews the 7 Fundamental Motions used during most meetings.

Learn The 7 Fundamental Motions:

  • The Main Motion
  • Amendments
  • Amendments to Amendments
  • Refer to a Committee
  • Postpone to a Definite Time
  • Lay on the Table
  • Previous Questions/Call the Question

This DVD contains meeting reenactments, with tips to reinforce learning, which are specifically designed to help organizations that want to improve their effectiveness in an efficient and cost effective manner. Board members enjoy the freedom of having their own individual DVD, allowing them to learn at their own pace in a comfortable setting. The DVD is divided into 12 easy to reference chapters, which also supports the individual’s own particular learning needs.

When you order the Premier Training Pack you will receive 5 copies of this exceptionally entertaining and helpful learning tool. Give one DVD to each board member for them to accelerate the learning process.

The Parliamentary Procedure DVD PDF Workbook & Answer Key

To increase learning and retention when watching Susan’s Parliamentary Procedure DVD use a copy of the DVD PDF Workbook and Answer Key. When you purchase the Premier Training Pack a PDF of the Electronic Workbook and Answer Key will be sent to your inbox. Unlimited copies can be made for board members who are using the DVD. The PDF Workbook and Answer Key turns the DVD into a powerful training tool. Make the learning stick with the DVD PDF Workbook and Answer Key.

5 Confident Public Speaking Audio Training CDs

With your order of Premier Pack you will receive 5 copies of Susan's Confident Public Speaking Audio Training CDs. When board members understand how to run meetings they need to have the confidence to get up and speak!

In just minutes this dynamic and fun audio course will build confidence and give board members proven techniques to drive more effective speeches and presentations. This program is perfect for anyone who wants speak more confidently and get more out of life.

This powerful 80-minute program will:

  • Remove the fear of speaking by teaching the S.T.A.Y. Model™.
  • Build your confidence with practical and easy tips and techniques.
  • Show you the simple way to get ready for and nail any presentation.
  • Reveal body-language secrets you can use to influence people.

This audio training CD will help you conquer your insecurities about speaking in meetings of any size.

1 FREE half-hour phone consultation with Susan Leahy

The Premier Training Pack also includes a half an hour of FREE personal phone consultation with Susan Leahy. This half an hour will include an assessment of your organizations training needs, helpful quick tips from Susan about how to get the most out of the DVD within your board as well as the opportunity for you to get your questions answered or to gain perspective about issues related to Parliamentary Procedure and team effectiveness.

The Premier Training Pack is perfect for boards that are looking for a cost effective way to increase their meeting effectiveness.