Robert's Rules Made Simple - DVD $85.00

This DVD is a fun, fast & flexible way to learn Parliamentary Procedure. This 1-hour instructional DVD is perfect for any group or individual that wants to learn Parliamentary Procedure to get work done!

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Robert's Rules Made Simple - DVD

"Driving the Language of Parliamentary Procedure" DVD

Watch and learn from this powerful instructional DVD as Susan reviews the 7 Fundamental Motions used during most meetings.

The 7 motions covered are:

  • The Main Motion
  • The Amendment
  • Amendments to Amendments
  • Refer to a Committee
  • Postpone to a Definite Time
  • Lay on the Table
  • Previous Questions/Call the Question
This DVD features meeting reenactments, complete with powerful tips to reinforce learning. This program was specifically designed to help organizations that want to improve their effectiveness in an efficient and cost effective manner. Using this powerful tool, board members are free to learn at their own pace, in a comfortable setting.

The DVD is divided into 12 easy to reference chapters, which also supports the individual's own particular learning needs.