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Is this your story?

Did you join an organization because you wanted to give back and share your talent, expertise and time, only to realize that the meetings being held by your organization are nothing but a frustrating waste of time!

  • Do people talk off topic and waste everyone’s time?
  • Are members frequently lost, not knowing what is going on?
  • Does the Chair ignore the agenda and have problems managing the group?
  • Are you supposed to be using Robert’s Rules of Order but no one knows how to use it properly?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then chances are that you are suffering through poorly run meetings that leave members feeling lost, frustrated and de-motivated. When people feel lost, frustrated and de-motivated they get angry, and they eventually give up and quit. I’m sure you have seen this in your group!

Use Robert’s Rules…and that’s an order!

Robert's Rules of Order - Original edition from 1876Robert’s Rules of Order was first created by U.S. Army Brigadier General Henry Martyn Robert in 1876 because, even way back then, most meetings were a mess and General Robert decided that there had to be a better way to get things done.

And there’s no doubt about it, Robert’s Rules of Order is a powerful book that can make your meetings more productive and rewarding, but only if everyone is on the same page and understands how to use it! And this is the problem…

Over the years, Robert’s Rules of Order has just gotten too complicated for 99% of boards and groups to be able to use it effectively.Robert's Rules of Order Made Simple

If you are like many people who have tried to read the General’s book, Robert’s Rules of Order, you probably left feeling even more lost. The book is too long, too detailed and too confusing for what most boards need. It can feel like you need a translator to understand it. That is where we can help. The Robert's Rules Made Simple Solution is the most simple and easy online way to learn and understand how to use Robert's Rules of Order. 

When people do not have a basic understanding of how to use Robert's Rules of Order meetings are less effective and frustrating. You have probably found this site because you want your meetings to be more productive and because you are looking for help:

  • Help to make sense of Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Help with how to use Robert’s Rules during your meetings
  • Help with keeping your group’s members motivated
  • Help with making your meetings productive and fun

You’ve searched the Web for help with Robert’s Rules of Order and what you have found is complicated, boring, intimidating and leaves you feeling even more frustrated than when you first started your search.


Robert’s Rules of Order is only complicated because people think it has to be. We are here to tell you that Robert’s Rules really CAN be made simple and that you and every member of your group can be using it effectively to get work done in no time!

  • You have found the only all-in-one Robert’s Rules training program that will get everyone on your board up to speed in a hurry!
  • You have found the only fun, fast and easy Robert’s Rules training program that can teach anyone to use Robert’s Rules!
  • You have found the only affordable, flexible and entertaining Robert’s Rules training program that works for people sitting on any size board, large or small!


Get control of your meetings…and get back your valuable time

Robert's Rules of Order Solution

If you are a frustrated member of a:

  • Homeowners Association
  • City Council
  • Non-Profit
  • Church Council
  • Civic Organization
  • College or University Board
  • Greek Organization

Then the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION can help you! In just a few hours the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION will:

  • Teach you the “language” of meetings so you never feel lost again
  • Help you master the 7 fundamental motions used in most meetings so you can be a contributing member in every meeting
  • Arm you with public speaking tips and secrets so you can debate effectively and influence the vote
  • Show you how to be an effective chair so more work gets done faster.

No more complicated handouts and boring workshops, the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION features a combination of video, audio and digital training tools that you can use at your own pace, when and where it is convenient for you. The ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION is easy, fun and entertaining, and is the only course of its kind.

This program is already being used by hundreds of boards nationwide to help them get more work done and have more fun doing it!


Robert's Rules of Order DVD and eBook

The ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION is made up of the following 7 components:

  1. A unique 1-hour Instructional DVD: “Robert's Rules Made Simple”
  2. A companion DVD Workbook and Answer Key to enhance learning and retention
  3. The “Chair a Meeting with Confidence” eBook
  4. The “Confident Public Speaking” Audio Course
  5. A Robert’s Rules Meeting Cheat Sheet
  6. 30 minutes of personal phone coaching with expert Susan Leahy

(*Delivered as a combination of physical and electronic products)

#1 – “Robert’s Rules Made Simple” Instructional DVD

Driving the Language of Parliamentary Procedure

Regular Price: $85

The cornerstone of the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION is this unique DVD that makes learning Robert’s Rules painless and fun. The only training video of it’s kind, the DVD features in-studio instruction that is supported by entertaining and realistic meeting re-enactments, because it is nearly impossible to learn how to use Robert’s Rules of Order without seeing it in action.

Reading about Robert’s Rules in a book isn’t enough, you have to see how it actually being used and then have each step explained to you. This is exactly what the DVD does!

The DVD teaches the 7 Fundamental Motions used during most meetings:

  1. The Main Motion
  2. Amendments
  3. Amend the Amendment
  4. Refer to a Committee
  5. Postpone to a Definite Time
  6. Lay on the Table
  7. Previous Question/Call the Question

The DVD is fun, easy to understand and delivers all this information in just 1 hour! There is absolutely nothing else on the market like this DVD!

*Delivered as a physical DVD

#2 – DVD Workbook and Answer Key

DVD Workbook and Answer Key by Susan Leahy

Regular Price: $30

The DVD Workbook is a custom learning companion for the DVD. Use it on your own or make copies for each member of your board to use as they watch the DVD. The workbook has a series of questions that you answer after each section of the DVD. The questions test your learning and reinforce what you have learned. This type of repetition is proven to enance comprehension and learning.

Delivered as a downloadable PDF, you are free to make as many copies as you need of the Workbook and Answer Key to share with your members.

* Delivered as an electronic download

#3 – “Chair a Meeting with Confidence” eBook

Chair a Meeting with Confidence eBook by Susan Leahy

Regular Price: $30

Being a great chair is not easy, but having a great chair is essential to having great meetings! The Chair a Meeting with Confidence eBook was specially created to help chairs manage meetings so that work gets done efficiently. At over 40 pages long and featuring dozens of scripted examples of what a chair can say during difficult meeting situations, this eBook builds on the concepts taught by the DVD and will help to take the pressure off of chairs so that meetings go smoother and that everyone can have their voice heard.

The Chair a Meeting with Confidence eBook equips you to handle situations like:

  • Dealing with side conversations and/or difficult members so no one can hijack the meeting
  • Keeping people on topic when debate wanders so meetings don’t run long
  • Ensuring participation and voting by all members so that all members voices are heard
  • Keeping debate from dragging on and on so that all business gets handled
  • Eliminating personal attacks and managing conflict so that members stay motivated

* Delivered as an electronic download

#4 – "Confident Public Speaking" Audio Course

Confident Public Speaking Audio Course by Susan Leahy

Regular Price: $18.95

This powerful Audio Training is delivered as a high-quality digital MP3 and can be shared with every member of your board. This program on it’s own has helped thousands to become more effective public speakers and it is an important part of the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE solution.

Play free sample!

Public speaking is the number one fear in the nation and a public meeting can shake the confidence of even the most seasoned veteran. Great meetings take more than just learning Robert’s Rules of Order, they require that everyone in the group be able to voice their opinions with clarity and confidence, and this 80 minute audio course is the dynamic and fun way to boost your public speaking skills in a hurry.

* Delivered as an electronic download

#5 – Robert’s Rules Meeting Cheat Sheet

Robert's Rules Meeting Cheat Sheet

Regular Price: $20

Even experienced board members sometimes get lost in meetings and this PDF Cheat Sheet is the perfect tool to give to each board member to help keep everyone on track.

Building on the contents of the DVD, the Cheat Sheet helps you put what you have learnt into practice in your real life meetings. Put the power back into your members’ hands with this easy to use reference tool.

* Delivered as an electronic download

#6 – 30 Minutes of Personal Phone Coaching with Expert Susan Leahy MA

Parli Pro Expert Susan Leahy M.A.

Regular Price: $150

Every group has their own specific challenges and issues to overcome. Once you have watched the DVD and started to use it and all the other tools in your meetings, then it is time to have a 30-Minute Personal Phone Consultation with meeting expert Susan Leahy M.A.

Susan is a world-class facilitator and she has a proven track record of helping boards be more effective and productive. Susan will answer specific questions to help make your group’s meetings more effective and will troubleshoot any ongoing issues that still exist.

Only available as part of the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE solution, this personal access to Susan’s expertise is one of the most valuable parts of this program.

* Must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase

Simply put, this a proven solution!

The creator of the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION is Susan Leahy M.A.


My name is Susan Leahy and if you have managed to find your way to this site, then we probably have a lot in common.

In addition to being a communications expert, I am a passionate person who wants to make a difference. I have served on more boards then I can count and I have attended more bad meetings then I want to admit. That is why I learned how to use Robert’s Rules of Order, because I know that it is the best way to get work done efficiently.

Even though I am a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians I think that most Parliamentarians make learning Robert’s Rules of Order as boring as watching paint dry. I however am not your average Parliamentarian and I know that Robert’s Rules does not have to be boring and I am committed to making this stuff simple and fun!

I am a professional speaker (National Speaker’s Association member) and have been working with boards across the country for over 15 years helping them to use Robert’s Rules of Order to get work done. Here is what one of my clients has to say…

The Seal of Delta Sigma Pi

As chair of the Delta Sigma Pi National Professional Development Committee, we are committed to providing resources to our members that will support their growth and success. Susan’s ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE solution is a must-have. If your chapter struggles with meetings and is looking for a fun and easy way to teach your members Robert’s Rules of Order then get Susan’s ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE solution. It features easy to follow instruction as well as fun reenactments. It is a great training resource for your chapter.

Katie Koch
Chair Professional Development Committee
Delta Sigma Pi National

I am so confident that my ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION will help you, that I’m providing a 100% money-back guarantee. Let me help you discover the secret to getting control of your next meeting and getting back your valuable time.

Here’s to your success!


Get simply the best solution available to you and your group

Thanks to the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION now there is:

  • No more digging through Robert’s Rules of Order to find answers that barely make sense
  • No more people “acting” like they know what is going on
  • No more having half of your group lost in meetings or too intimidated to participate
  • No more letting one person bully the rest of the group because only they know how to use Robert’s Rules of Order
  • No more wasted time!

Buy the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION today and get your group on the fast track to learning what they need to know to run meetings effectively, stop wasting time and start getting work done!


  • Will save everyone time and energy.
  • Will help your group get more work done.
  • Will keep members motivated and excited.
  • Is affordable for any size budget.
  • Is entertaining and fun.
  • Is the only Robert’s Rules of Order training program of it’s kind.

Simply Praised By Many

What a few of our clients have to say about the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION...

Debbi Lester

“…we had a situation where council was having extremely long meetings, but at our last council meeting we actually were way ahead of time because have become more efficient, so it is quite amazing how clear and effective this training helps one become, so thank-you!”

Debbi Lester,
Mayor, Bainbridge Island WA

Angeleen Corona

“…we've purchased a lot of books but they are just really hard to understand, but the DVD has allowed us to have very efficient and productive meetings. We love Robert's Rules Made Simple!”

Angeleen Corona,
Fresno County Office of Education

“…Susan's method turns Robert's Rules of Order into a 3D pop-out book, and I thought that was key because I am very much a hands on learner and she guided me through the process…”

Atlanta Homeowners Association President

Simply an astounding offer

The ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION is not available anywhere else. The retail price of this unique training program would be $375 (Standard Solution) to $470 (Premium Solution), but for a limited time we can offer it to you for only $95 (Standard Solution) and $145 (Premium Solution)—that’s 75% off retail!

Order today and get this one-of-a-kind Robert’s Rules of Order training program here for less than a hundred dollars, a never-before-seen offer available to you right now.

Simply the best, guaranteed!

100% Money Back Guarantee


The ROBERT'S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION is already being used successfully by hundreds of colleges and associations all across the country. It quite simply is the easiest and most fun way to learn Robert’s Rules of Order, and we are so confident you will love this program that we are proud to offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

If you don’t find the ROBERT'S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION to be the easiest, most fun way to learn Robert’s Rules of Order we will gladly give you your money back, no questions asked. It is our mission to help our customers make sense of Robert’s Rules and we stand behind our product!

Simply our best offer ever…but for a limited time!

If you are reading this you need help with Robert’s Rules of Order because:

  • You are sick of wasting time and not getting work done.
  • You don’t want to lose any more frustrated board members.
  • You want your organization to be productive and enjoyable.

Now is the time to get your meetings on track! This program is only available at this price for a limited time, so get the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION now and save—The Standard Solution is a $375 value for only $95 and the Premium Solution is a $470 value for just $145.

Get control of your meetings, your time, your life today!

Act NOW on this limited-time offer with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Ordering is simple and secure. If you miss this opportunity, you risk struggling through painful, time-wasting meetings. Don’t wait any longer, the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION is the easiest, most effective way to learn Robert’s Rules. Pass on this opportunity and risk struggling through more through painful, time-wasting meetings…

  • Meetings where people are lost and don’t know what is going on.
  • Meetings where nothing gets done and members are frustrated.
  • Meetings where there is no structure and discussion bounces from one topic to another.
  • Meetings where the Chair is unable to keep the meeting moving and nothing gets done.
  • Meetings where Robert’s Rules is a frustration rather than a friend.

You can keep on searching the Web for training programs, but I promise you that you will not find anything that even comes close to the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION and all you will continue to do, is go on wasting the most valuable resource you have: YOUR TIME! The ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE SOLUTION is the fastest, easiest, most affordable and simple way to learn Robert’s Rules of Order you will find. We guarantee it!

P.S. By ordering today, you’ll have the secret to making ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE, putting you ahead of your peers, ahead of the competition and ahead of the game.

P.P.S. One last reminder: Order now to get this $375 value for just $95 (Standard Solution) or this $470 value for just $145 (Premium Solution). For under a hundred dollars you get can get control of your meetings, your time and your life. But at this price, the offer is only available for a limited time. Order today!

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