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Roberts Rules of Order

Roberts Rules of Order is used by thousands of boards of directors, non-profit boards and condo and homeowner associations to run successful meetings. Roberts Rules of Order is a powerful tool and provides common sense rules of order to help boards make decisions and be more productive. Roberts Rules of Order is sometimes referred to as Parliamentary Procedure and is used by volunteer associations worldwide. Roberts Rules of Order encompasses motions, bylaws, meeting minutes, voting, quorum and all aspects of meeting management. Roberts Rules of Order was created by General Henry M. Robert and has been in use since 1876 and it is still the meeting management tool of choice for parliamentarians in small meetings, large meetings, meetings of boards of directors, homeowner and condo association boards, non-profit boards and volunteer boards everywhere.

Despite its long history and broad adoption, many boards struggle with achieving a basic understanding of how to properly use Roberts Rules of Order. A lack of proficiency with Roberts Rules will impede a board's progress and will also-impact the long-term morale of the members who serve on that board. It needs to be remembered that even beyond getting work done, Roberts Rules of Order can be an organization's best recruitment and retention tool. Many boards using it struggle to keep and retain great members, especially true in the case of volunteer boards. Running great meetings motivates members to get and stay involved, and a great way to keep board members motivated is to provide them with effective and easy to understand training. It is a mistake to assume that members, new or old, understand the Rules of Order sufficiently to allow them to contribute effectively during meetings. This mistake can cost you and your organization dearly. Many boards provide some board training but they likely do not provide comprehensive training. Providing basic training throughout the year to new and existing members should become a priority for every board that wants to keep it's members in their positions.

Roberts Rules Made Simple is perfect for:
  • Homeowner's Associations
  • Professional Associations
  • Non-Profit Boards
  • Management Companies
  • College & University Boards
  • Boards of Directors
  • Church Boards
  • City & State Governments
  • Greek Organizations

Who is Susan Leahy?

Susan Leahy M.A. is known as "the Motivational Parliamentarian", and brings a unique passion, style and energy to teaching this material. It is her philosophy that Roberts Rules of Order should be used not as a weapon, but as a team building tool!

In addition to teaching this via the products here on this website, Susan is also available for live in-person trainings and for custom virtual trainings delivered over the web.

What Our Customers Are Saying
Debbi Lester

...we had a situation where council was having extremely long meetings, but at our last council meeting we actually were way ahead of time because have become more efficient, so it is quite amazing how clear and effective this training helps one become, so thank-you!”

Debbi Lester,
Mayor, Bainbridge Island WA