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Roberts Rules

Learning Roberts Rules or finding simple and effective training and education has long been a problem. Boards of directors have long struggled to teach Roberts Rules to their members in a simple way so that motions, such as the main motion, amendment to the amendment, refer to a committee, lay on the table, postpone to a certain time (postponement), amendments and the previous question can be understood and used by all board members so that meeting management is more effective and productive. Roberts Rules is currently in its 11th edition and this guide to parliamentary procedure and parliamentary conduct was created by General Henry Robert in 1876. The use of Roberts Rules is mandated by the bylaws of most non-profit boards, condo associations, homeowner associations, boards of directors and student governments to manage meetings, handle minutes, bylaws, constitutions and all other aspects of meeting management. For this reason effective education and training is more important now than ever and a simple and effective process for learning Roberts Rules is valuable to associations everywhere.

Training Roberts Rules can be a challenging task for even for the most skilled experts. Not only is the text itself daunting and overwhelming for most new students, but even veteran parliamentarians have difficulty translating and simplifying it to those new to the subject. It is precisely for this reason that Roberts Rules Made Simple has created the "Roberts Rules Made Simple Instructor Certification Program". This dynamic education tool is the only one of its kind, and it is perfect for those organizations that need to teach Roberts Rules to their members. The "Roberts Rules Made Simple Instructor Certification Program" includes a Roberts Rules Leaders Guide, a participant workbook, a complete PowerPoint deck and even special training videos for the instructor featuring Susan Leahy. All of this together means that the "Roberts Rules Made Simple Instructor Certification Program" is the right resource for any organization that wants to offer quality, impactful training that will make a difference to the effectiveness of their board.

Roberts Rules Made Simple is perfect for:
  • Homeowner's Associations
  • Professional Associations
  • Non-Profit Boards
  • Management Companies
  • College & University Boards
  • Boards of Directors
  • Church Boards
  • City & State Governments
  • Greek Organizations

Who is Susan Leahy?

Susan Leahy M.A. is known as "the Motivational Parliamentarian", and brings a unique passion, style and energy to teaching this material. It is her philosophy that Roberts Rules of Order should be used not as a weapon, but as a team building tool!

In addition to teaching this via the products here on this website, Susan is also available for live in-person trainings and for custom virtual trainings delivered over the web.

What Our Customers Are Saying
Debbi Lester

...we had a situation where council was having extremely long meetings, but at our last council meeting we actually were way ahead of time because have become more efficient, so it is quite amazing how clear and effective this training helps one become, so thank-you!”

Debbi Lester,
Mayor, Bainbridge Island WA