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Robert's Rules of Order

Robert's Rules of Order is a very long and detailed book that teaches the rules for running successful board meetings. While I do think that what is taught in Robert's Rules of Order are powerful tools for running a successful meeting, sometimes too many rules of order can just end up leaving everyone confused and frustrated. The book, Robert's Rules of Order is too long, detailed and complicated for the majority of board meetings. Most boards of directors who want to increase their meeting effectiveness only need to understand a basic portion of it. The most important parts of the book are what I call "The Seven Fundamental Motions". Each of these motions are in Robert's Rules of Order but the way they are presented confuses most people. I really do love the book but it needs to be more basic and simple for the vast majority of board meetings. If you start by learning the Main Motion, Amendments, Amend the Amendment, Refer to a Committee, Postpone to a Certain Time, Lay on the Table, and the Previous Question then you will know most of what you will ever need to use.

Most of these Robert's Rules of Order motions are unfortunately used incorrectly by a large number of the boards that use it. The reason for this is because most boards do not offer their members any kind of Robert's Rules of Order training. In some sense this is like expecting someone to be able to speak a new language without having the benefit of any classes or instruction whatsoever.

It really is a language and as the #1 rated training course in North America, the Robert's Rules Made Simple Solution teaches each of the Seven Fundamental Motions that every board member needs to know in order to be effective. This is the best way to learn Robert's Rules of Order as it provides board members with a powerful training tool that teaches them the basics. The following components make up the Robert's Rules Made Simple Solution:

  • The Robert's Rules Made Simple Instructional DVD
  • DVD Workbook and Answer Key
  • Robert's Rules Made Simple Cheat Sheet
  • Confident Public Speaking Audio Training
  • Chair a Meeting with Confidence eBook
  • Robert's Rules Made Simple is perfect for:
    • Homeowner's Associations
    • Professional Associations
    • Non-Profit Boards
    • Management Companies
    • College & University Boards
    • Boards of Directors
    • Church Boards
    • City & State Governments
    • Greek Organizations

    Who is Susan Leahy?

    Susan Leahy M.A. is known as "the Motivational Parliamentarian", and brings a unique passion, style and energy to teaching this material. It is her philosophy that Robert's Rules of Order should be used not as a weapon, but as a team building tool!

    In addition to teaching this via the products here on this website, Susan is also available for live in-person trainings and for custom virtual trainings delivered over the web.

    What Our Customers Are Saying
    Debbi Lester

    ...we had a situation where council was having extremely long meetings, but at our last council meeting we actually were way ahead of time because have become more efficient, so it is quite amazing how clear and effective this training helps one become, so thank-you!”

    Debbi Lester,
    Mayor, Bainbridge Island WA